Arts, architecture, and industrial design

Transforming new concepts and ideas in reality. Interactive art installations; Custom lighting systems for stop-motion movies; product and industrial design prototypes;

A lighting controller for a stop motion animation scenario

Feather Pillow [1] – or in portuguese, Almofada de Penas –  is an animated stop motion film that shows a new perspective of classic Latino American stories. They needed to justify the set illumination by using small lighting points. Also, they wanted total freedom of  changing the light intensity and color hue. They tried using… Continue reading A lighting controller for a stop motion animation scenario

Computação Criativa usando Arduino e Processing

Este curso é uma introdução à computação criativa usando as plataformas abertas, livres, e muito fáceis de usar Arduino e Processing. Ensina o básico de eletrônica digital e programação para a criação de objetos e ambientes que interativos.… Continue reading Computação Criativa usando Arduino e Processing


Concept A project conceived by Barbara Cidral for her bachelor degree in Product Design. She’s been researching lighting systems that takes in account the effects of blue light in the body melatonine production. The proposed solution is a lamp that changes it’s hue through the day. It’s good to mention that this is the second lamp… Continue reading Dawnlight

Espelhos Sonoros

Espelhos Sonoros (Sound Mirrors) is an art research project in sound mapping and streaming: a mobile stereo audio probe that provides a deep immersion in the city’s sound landscapes.