What is a hackerspace?


Presenting our hackerspace at FLISOL 2017

As an active supporter of Tarrafa Hacker Clube, a hackerspace from Florianópolis, I usually do some talks about hacker culture, open source software and hardware, and how hacker culture could be good in education.

This specific talk is to introduce people to what a hackerspace really is, where did it came from, what people in this place, etc.

Events that I presented this talk:

  • Virada da Inovação [site], together with Tiago Brizolara.
  • Encontro Nacional de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento Social (ENEDS) [site]
  • Festival Latino Americano de Instalação de Software Livre (FLISOL) [site]

The open hardware ecosystem and open software tools


Another FLISOL presentation about OSH.

A lot is talked about hardware development and open software, but the Open Source Hardware community is lagging behind. This talk was made to reach two objectives: a initial contact with widely known Open Hardware initiatives, and how to contribute using open software tools, like KiCAD and cross-compilers.

This talk was presented at FLISOL 2017, in collaboration with Elias Bencz