ARM-M development

The Architecture

cortex m0 generic guide:

m4 generic guide

m4 tech reference guide

Choose a board and a toolchain

When choosing a board or SoC, make sure the manufacturer have a good library support. That would make your development process easier.

Common boards:

  • Stellaris Launchpad
  • Arduino arm board
  • STM discovery





Code Composer Studio


Libraries / HAL / LL


101 Course on embedded systems using arm






The arm Infocenter:

The arm university program (AUP):

STM32 on Linux

ARM development tools:



Atollic blog entries

How to Debug FreeRTOS Projects on ARM Cortex-M Devices

Automate your ARM Cortex-M debug sessions [advanced GDB development and debugging]

Learn How to Become a More Efficient ARM Cortex Developer [Use Our White Paper Library]



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